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Passive Fire Installers

Global fires Passive fire protection installers have received in house training to ensure they are competent in applying all products correctly the first time. The installers have a support network of supervisors who complete checks on the passive fire work prior to the council to ensure the best quality and peace of mind for the client.


Global Fire also has a Quality Assurance Inspector who will go onto the site and deconstruct a number of penetrations in order to ensure they are compliant.  This is one of the ways we can truly guarantee compliant solutions every time.

Passive fire experts

We have strict quality control procedures to ensure our standard of work is 100% compliant every time.

Global Fire has hand picked and trained the best team in New Zealand. With support from our suppliers and our in house Technical Team, the worldwide knowledge of passive fire far exceeds the number of years we have been in business.

We pride ourselves on possessing the right attitude and creating a culture where we strive for the best possible performance whilst addressing the needs of our clients.

It is our firm belief that if you are happy to come to work in the morning you will be more productive therefore keeping our clients happy. Global Fire – New Thinking – Old Values

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